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GreyLearning Webinar: Tips for Better HDR Images

Creating high dynamic range (HDR) images can provide an excellent (and creative) solution for situations where the range of tonal values in a scene you are photographing exceed the capabilities of your camera. But many photographers have experienced the challenges of "Bad HDR". In this entertaining and informative presentation, Tim Grey will share tips to help you create great HDR images, and to avoid the issues that have given HDR a "bad name" among many photographers. 

You'll learn: 
- Tips for capturing the original photos for HDR images. 
- Recommendations on exposure bracketing. 
- Which software you may want to use to assemble your HDR images. 
- Issues to watch for when tone-mapping your HDR images. 
- And more!

If you'd like to join Tim for this free presentation, you can get more details and sign up to join by clicking here.

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