Tim Grey's 2019 New York City Photo Experience Workshop


If you would like to guarantee your spot for Tim Grey's New York City Workshop in 2019, please email Renée at renee@timgrey.com. We will then provide additional details about the workshop and confirm availability for your session.

Join Tim Grey for an authentic five-day all-inclusive local experience photographing in New York City!

This All-Inclusive Photo Experience Includes:

  • Hotel (your own private room for six nights)

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the workshop)

  • Photography instruction

  • Personal attention (workshop limited to six participants)

  • Expert guidance around New York City

  • Authentic local experiences

  • Admission fees and transportation during the workshop

  • Welcome Dinner (Sunday night before workshop starts)

What is NOT Included: Airfare or other transportation costs to get to New York, NY

In short, if you get yourself to New York City for the start of this photo experience, we will take care of everything else until the end of the workshop.

New York City is like no other city, and that certainly holds true for the photographer. During this photo experience workshop, you'll spend five full days having an authentic experience based in Manhattan, capturing incredible photographs along the way.

Tim Grey has lived in the heart of New York City for the last eight years, and had visited the city numerous times before that. As a photographer living in New York, he has gotten to know the city very well and has learned to appreciate which areas offer some of the best photographic potential. He has also learned to appreciate some of the best local experiences and delicious food. During this unique photo experience workshop in New York City, you'll benefit from Tim's knowledge and create memorable experiences and photographs.

Among the opportunities you'll have during this photo experience workshop:

  • See and photograph the dramatic skyline of New York City from across the Hudson River from golden hour to early evening.

  • Explore some of the smaller and more eccentric streets of Greenwich Village.

  • Explore unique artwork in a subway station that often goes unnoticed.

  • Meander along The High Line while enjoying (and photographing) a special vantage point of Manhattan.

  • Photograph iconic views of Manhattan from Brooklyn.

  • Explore some of the most photogenic parts of Central Park.

  • Learn some of the "secrets" of Grand Central Terminal, capturing unique photos along the way.

  • Soak up the incredible (and never-ending) energy of Times Square.

  • And much more!

What You'll Learn

During the New York City Photo Experience Workshop you'll have the opportunity to get help with your photography directly from Tim Grey. Some of the techniques you can learn will include:

  • Capturing bracketed exposures for a high dynamic range (HDR) image.

  • Using Live View to assist with manual focus.

  • Creating blur effects with a long exposure.

  • Adding a starburst effect to night captures.

  • Capturing composite panoramic images.

  • And more!

The workshop is limited to six attendees, ensuring you will get personal attention and assistance capturing incredible photographs. Once you arrive in New York City the day before the photo experience begins, all expenses related to the workshop are covered as part of your fee. In other words, once you join us for this photo experience, you won't have to concern yourself with anything but taking in the sights, enjoying yourself, and capturing remarkable photographic images.

If you would like to participate in Tim Grey's New York City Photo Experience in 2019, please contact Renée via email at renee@timgrey.com. We will then confirm availability, provide additional information, and process your registration if you decide to join us for this unique experience. 

Two sessions will be offered in 2019:

Monday through Friday
(arrive on or before the 12th, depart on or after the 18th)

May 27 - 31, 2019
Monday through Friday
(arrive on or before the 26th, depart on or after the 1st)

Workshop Details: 

New York City, NY

Group Size:
6 Attendees

Workshop Fee:
$5,500 (includes hotel, meals, and more; excludes airfare) 

Payment Terms:
A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is due upon registration. The balance of $4,500 is due 90 days prior to the start of the workshop. Once the balance of $4,500 is paid, your full workshop fee is non-refundable.

Note: It is possible to extend your hotel stay and/or upgrade your room class at the hotel subject to availability at your own expense. If would like to arrange additional dates, please work with us directly and we will coordinate with the hotel so your full stay will be managed with a single reservation. Also, we recommend contacting us as early as possible (but no later than March 31, 2019), for the best rates and availability. Please contact us for assistance with any changes to your hotel reservation. 

What You Should Know:

We put tremendous effort into leading great workshops that ensure you will be able to capture beautiful photos while having fun.

To help ensure this is the right workshop for you, please consider the following:

  • Physical Requirements - We will be on foot for the majority of our photography during this workshop, and will be walking several miles during each outing. You should be able to manage this level of exertion while carrying your photography gear, including the possibility of some stairs and uneven terrain.

  • Getting Around - During the workshop we will use a various modes of transportation to get to the locations for our photography. That may include vans, taxis, trains, and other vehicles. If you have concerns about traveling in (or getting in and out of) these types of vehicles, please let us know.

  • Dietary Restrictions - While many restaurants are able to accommodate diners with special dietary restrictions, we cannot be sure that all restaurants will be able to meet the needs of all diners. If you have significant dietary restrictions, we recommend discussing your concerns with us before registering for the workshop.

  • Good Attitude - Above all, what makes a great workshop experience is a great group of photographers. We expect all participants to be patient, polite, and good-natured during the workshop.

If you would like to register, please email Renée at renee@timgrey.com, and we will provide additional details for registration.

Photos of the Hotel for this Workshop: